·Progress in Research and Development on Hybrid Rice: A Super-domesticate in China
·Recent progress on rice genetics in China
·Super hybrid rice breeding in China: achievements and prospects
·A putative lipase gene EXTRA GLUME1 regulates both empty glume fate and spikelet development in rice
·Allelic diversities in rice starch biosynthesis lead to a diverse array of rice eating and cooking qualities
·Valorization of deoiled rice bran by development and process optimization of extrudat... [12-10 ]
·Detection and allele identification of rice blast resistance gene, Pik, in Thai rice ... [12-10 ]
·Targeted deletion of rice retrotransposon Tos17 via CRISPR/Cas9 [12-06 ]
·Synthesis, characterization and application of surface-modified biochar synthesized f... [12-06 ]
·Geno-and phenotyping of submergence tolerance and elongated uppermost internode trait... [12-05 ]
·Electrochemical characterization of NaClO4-mixed rice starch as a cost-eff... [12-05 ]